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Why Schools Need Autonomous Cleaning Robots After Covid-19

Covid-19 has changed how facilities are ensuring the health of their visitors by maintaining cleanliness and sanitisation. Here are why schools need autonomous cleaning robots as students return to campus.

Schools prepare students to face an uncertain future and shape our future generations. Therefore, it is important that we ensure the health of students when they are studying hard in schools. Covid-19 has disrupted how schools operates globally as digital learning has taken over in 2020. But now, students and teachers must prepare to return to the norm of being on campus. It is no secret that the new norm will certainly not be normal as we live alongside a pandemic, but having autonomous cleaning robots will mean that students and teachers can be safer and go to school with a peace of mind.

Every school will stand to gain from having autonomous cleaning robots. To make the decision, it is crucial to fully understand the benefits that having an autonomous cleaning robot can bring!

The first benefit plays a big role when it comes to making decisions. Purchasing an autonomous cleaning robot actually helps the school save money! While autonomous cleaning robots may have a higher initial cost, it can be quickly be well worth it in the long run. Most schools or cleaning companies are cautious about taking on a big upfront cost on a new cleaning tool, but this purchase can save money due to multiple reasons.

First, having an autonomous cleaning robot eliminates the need for more cleaners to ensure high clean quality. In spaces like schools where there is a lot of contact among students and staff, it is imperative for there to have more routine cleaning to keep the school clean. Cleaners also need to sanitise other surfaces like handrails and door handles more frequently to minimise the spread of virus. To cope with the increased workload, many schools and cleaning companies may turn to hiring new workers, bringing up their costs of operations.

Furthermore, with the Singapore Progressive Wage Model coming into play in 2022, cleaner wages will only increase as time passes, and operations that are heavily reliant on manual labour will be in a passive position as they are faced with higher costs of production every year. With the policy mandating a 45% wage increase, all these additional costs will only contribute to increased financial pressure in the upcoming years. Not only that, companies are also dependent on there being a steady supply of cleaners to keep their operations working smoothly. But as younger generations are less willing to work as a cleaner, the prospects for companies working on manual-only model are worrying.

Here is where the ECOBOT comes in. As an autonomous cleaning robot, it can take on the tasks of mopping, scrubbing and vacuuming, freeing up the time of cleaners to address higher-value tasks such as cleaning tables or other surfaces. Not only is the robot able to relief the cleaners when it comes to cleaning floors, it is also able to complete the task in a shorter time and needing less resources than a manual worker does.

The reduced reliance on manual labour translates into less vulnerability to the supply of cleaners and wages policies. Companies will not be thrown into the deep end suddenly if there were less cleaners or if the government were to pass any bills mandating wage growth.

The second key benefit focuses on the autonomous aspect of the cleaning robots. There are many cleaning robots and vehicles on the market nowadays, so what is it that makes the autonomous robot so special? This lies in the fact that a cleaning vehicle is a mere piece of equipment to assist the cleaners in completing their tasks. It is nothing more than a highly efficient mop, vacuum or broom when you strip it down to its bare functions. It sits in the storage room till a cleaner brings it out to fulfil his or her task. In such situations, the company is still heavily reliant on manual labour, and all it results in is a workforce that is slightly more efficient.

In contrast, an autonomous cleaning robot goes beyond serving as a tool. It is a part of the workforce, with the ability to operate with minimal human intervention and oversight. This allows the productivity of the workforce to increase greatly as the robot is able to work independently anytime throughout the day.

When it comes to student safety, you should never settle for anything less than the best. That means using the most productive and efficient workforce to ensure the cleanliness and sanitisation of your school. What sets the ECOBOT apart from other cleaning robots are its autonomous features that comes with a workstation. It is capable of automatically docking itself, charge the batteries, empties and rinses the dirty water tank, and fills it with clean water so that it is ready for its next cleaning task. Not only that, lift integration technology also makes it easier for our robot to navigate a building with multiple stories. It will be able to call the lift automatically to move to different floors within the building to complete its task.

There are more benefits to an autonomous cleaning robot than we could possibly dive into. But to get the most out of those benefits, you must know the right robots to entrust with the health and safety of your school. We specialise in autonomous cleaning robots that can ensure the cleanliness and sanitisation of schools and other businesses to the highest possible standard. To see what we can do for your own school, contact us today!

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