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A Guide to ECOBOT Safety Features

In a fight between a young boy versus 214kg robot, who will emerge victorious? Judges, choose your winners!

Jokes aside, with the prevalent usage of autonomous robots in infrastructure, there are growing concerns regarding its safety and the potential dangers it may pose. When it comes to usage in public spaces such as shopping malls, one of facility managers’ biggest concerns is robots around children. While we do not encourage children actively “fighting” with our robots, know that our robots will not put the children in danger’s way for the unparalleled safety record of the ECOBOT Scrubber 50 is globally recognised and has been certified by UL and CE.

It was built with multiple advanced safety sensors such as Lidar system, depth camera and ultrasonic sensors to perfectly navigate itself to avoid any person or obstacles. Through its class-leading safety sensors and excellent safety record, Gaussian Robotics has been chosen by Singapore Government agencies such as JTC and NEA for projects to further develop and advance robotic technologies for the cleaning industry. In addition, ECOBOTs have excelled several stringent safety tests to win public tenders such as JEWEL Changi Airport, Changi Airport Group, Hong Kong MTR Corporation and several others.

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