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ECOBOT is more than “Just Another Tool”

Many cleaning companies have taken on the switch to embracing technology in their services for years and cleaning robots are no longer seen as something novel. Ask anyone and they will tell you that cleaning robots are noisy and does not really seem like it is able to save much on manpower or time. Therefore, the ECOBOT is “just another cleaning tool”, right? WRONG!

The ECOBOT goes beyond the current understanding of a cleaning robot. It is silent, does not need a human to follow it, and can complete actions such as changing of water, adding of chemical and discarding of litter all by itself without human intervention. We take Smart Cleaning concept further and expand it beyond merely robotic implementation but to also involve existing site workforce as a holistic approach towards environmental services.

Manpower is an everlasting problem within the industry, what with rising wages and reduced supply of cleaners. Every individual cleaner needs to be delegated the right duty to maximise the productivity of the workforce. And out of all the tasks that cleaners are responsible for, sweeping, mopping and vacuuming takes up a big portion of their time daily. These are essential tasks that needs to be done to the highest standard daily and it cannot be completed quickly.

However, when you have new tasks (such as the need to sanitise surfaces periodically) and odd jobs (from sudden issues around the building), managers find themselves short manned. The solution has always been to either hire new staff, increase number of or duration of shifts, or to "give up" on some tasks which may be deemed as less urgent.

This lies in the fact that a cleaning vehicle is a mere piece of equipment to assist the cleaners in completing their tasks. It is nothing more than a highly efficient mop, vacuum or broom when you strip it down to its bare functions. It sits in the storage room till a cleaner brings it out to fulfil his or her task. In such situations, the company is still heavily reliant on manual labour, and all it results in is a workforce that is slightly more efficient.

Meet the future of environmental services as we tackle modern problems with modern solutions. There is no need to forgo tasks or hire new cleaners when the delegation can be easily given to the ECOBOTS. They serve as part of your workforce, and not as a tool to supplement your workforce. The ECOBOT can function autonomously to charge and clean on schedule with minimal human intervention and oversight. This allows the productivity of the workforce to increase greatly as the robot can work independently anytime throughout the day.

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