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What else can the ECOBOT do?

Going beyond the basic functions of scrubbing, vacuuming and mopping, the ECOBOT stands out from its competitors with its ability to operate autonomously and integrate with other modules that value adds to its functions.

At this point, the ability to give a high quality clean in a short time is a basic requirement and expected from all cleaning robots. So, the question that is on the mind of facility owners is “What else can your robot do to help me?”

The ECOBOT promises to go beyond just a cleaning machine with its ability to not only operate autonomously but also the possibility to upgrade its systems and integrate with other modules to better fulfil your needs.


Autonomous Robot: Workstation

The workstation has been designed to increase the ECOBOT’s endurance and is currently available for the Scrubber 50 series. The Scrubber 50 returns automatically to the workstation for charging, filling and discharging, which minimizes manual intervention and improves the robot’s endurance, enabling the ECOBOT to provide fully intelligent floor cleaning services.

This ensures that facility managers do not need to worry about having a staff on hand to service and maintain the robot while it is running. The independence from manual work allows the robot to run its task at any time, even outside of working hours. This allows facility owners to deploy their ECOBOT well into the night where there is low to no footfall for the best clean result.


Autonomous Robot: Lift Integration

Take cleaning to a whole new level by providing seamless floor cleaning for an entire building without human intervention through lift integration technology. By eliminating the need of having staff on standby to manoeuvre the heavy robot from floor to floor, facility owners can reallocate their staff to other tasks for greater productivity.

The ECOBOT can perform high-level integrations with Kone lifts and low-level integrations with most lift manufacturers.


Modular Upgrades

Gaussian Robotics always strives to be innovative and challenges the boundaries of a cleaning robot to make it better. We can integrate and develop new modules to be integrated into our ECOBOT to suit your needs. We pledge to always develop new solutions that facilities commonly face nowadays and have been awarded a grant under the NEA Incubate Programme. The programme matches suitable technology companies to meet its environmental services needs and supports premise owners to adopt feasible technologies, solutions and innovations in their buildings.

Under the programme, we developed a security module that seamlessly integrates our ECOBOT and security intelligence sensors at Heartbeat@Bedok to transform the building into the smart building of tomorrow. More than just a simple cleaning robot, our ECOBOTS are capable of security patrolling, detecting abnormalities and even broadcast messages, all while still effectively ensuring the cleanliness of the building.


See beyond today and embrace the solutions of tomorrow with ECOBOT.

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