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Phantas - reading (horizental version).jpg

AI-Powered Learning While Cleaning with Industry-leading Navigation Algorithms

Be Future-Ready with Phantas

Phantas may be what you are looking for all along


AI-Powered Learning While Cleaning


Upon initial deployment, Phantas will automatically navigate the landscape and creates a semantic map without any external tools for assistance.

In a dynamic environment, Phantas will locate itself and update the map in real time. The multi-sensor fusion endows Phantas with 3D environmental perception, which greatly enriches its knowledge of the surrounding environment.

All-in-one Floor Cleaning Solution

Phantas boldly integrates 4 floor cleaning modes, which grants it unrivalled versatility and usability for cleaning spaces with different types of flooring, both hard and soft.

Phantas - reading (horizental version).jpg
Phantas - reading (horizental version).jpg

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