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Strategic Partner Award (Auchan)

Gaussian Robotics

5 Aug 2021

Gaussian Robotics Wins Strategic Partner Award in Innovation from Auchan Retail International

The Strategic Partner awards are presented to the partners who best embody Auchan’s values and have made outstanding achievements in their cooperation with Auchan.

Jun 23, 2021. Gaussian Robotics, an innovative technology solutions company, announced today that it was named the winner of Auchan Retail International’s Strategic Partner Award in Innovation. Gaussian Robotics is recognised as a supplier of innovative ECOBOT solutions.

“We will do our best in the future to make it (even) better. We will do all we can,” said Edward Cheng, CEO of Gaussian Robotics (Shanghai). Cheng showed up on the award ceremony stream remotely.

Over the years, Gaussian Robotics has been committed to the development of robot solutions for retail customers such as Auchan. Intending to improve the cleaning service industry and bring benefits to every party on the entire value chain, Gaussian Robotics has been working to deliver innovative cleaning productivity at the highest standard with its industry-leading ECOBOT series.

According to Cheng, what makes the cooperation between Gaussian and Auchan a success lies primarily in Gaussian Robotic’s thorough understanding of the users’ needs in the process of developing the ECOBOT solutions.

“We’ve been closely working together not only with our customer Auchan, but also with our cleaning contractor Atalian. So, in this approach, we can find out the best balance between the needs of the operation as well as the flexibility of the ECOBOT solutions. This is important for all the parties in this whole value chain, and this is an ongoing process. Before the application of ECOBOT itself, we collected all the demands from the cleaning contractors in advance to make sure it will solve the problem, not adding any hassle job to the cleaner. Instead of just thinking from the angle of the products, development and engineering, we also learned that direct contact with the end-users, as I said, cleaning contractors, is really important.”, said Cheng.

In the future, Gaussian Robotics will continue to work on the digitalisation of the whole cleaning process and bring added-value functionalities to the retail sector. Cheng explained, “In addition to the scrub dryers, we also have two different types of vacuum machines, one is for indoor carpets, and the other one is for an outdoor sweep. We’re also working on the AIoT platform, which will digitalise that whole cleaning process, not just the robot, but also the manual work.”

About Gaussian Robotics

Gaussian Robotics innovates cleaning robots to help facility owners clean and manage their facilities through technology to save costs, upskill the workforce and increase overall productivity. Gaussian Robotics yields unrivalled robotics solutions grounded on more than 100 years of combined domain expertise and our autonomous robots can be found all around the world.

For more information, please visit Connect with Gaussian Robotics on LinkedIn and Facebook.

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