Robots help clean the Sultan Mosque

Sep 24, 2020

IF you are at the Sultan Mosque, do not be surprised if you see a robot doing cleaning work.

Recently, the mosque has deployed an automatic cleaning robot to help ensure cleanliness in the mosque prayer area.

Known as the Ecobot Sweep 40, the robotic vacuum acquired by local cleaning company, Bestway Cleaning Services, is dedicated to cleaning carpeted floor areas.

It is also the first robot of its kind to be used in Singapore and the Sultan Mosque is the first institution to take advantage of this technology.

Although it is one of the oldest mosques here with an age of over 190 years, the Sultan Mosque often looks for opportunities in embracing new technology.

“When we heard about the advantages of this robot, we saw it as an opportunity to take advantage of it and improve the process of our cleaning work.

"With this robot, the time taken to carry out cleaning work in the prayer room area can be reduced by 50 percent and now only takes an hour," said Sultan Mosque Chairman, Encik Mohamed Salleh Patail, who explained that the cleaning work of the iktikaf room will be done next the morning before noon prayers.

Bestway Cleaning Services Company has utilized the help of government grants scheme's Productivity (PSG) by 50 percent to get the robot's worth $ 48,000 with the help of the Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) under the Malay Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Singapore (Entrepreneur).

Last April, the government announced companies applying for PSG grants for equipment environmental services would receive enhanced support of up to 80 percent of the qualifying cost for equipment, capped at $ 350,000 per company.

Commenting on the assistance scheme, Bestway Cleaning Services general manager, Mr Raymond Leong, said:

"With this assistance, SME companies like ours can take advantage of it and at the same time help get technology that can be placed and used in places like the Sultan Mosque."